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Product Support

Technical Support in Canada can be contacted directly by
calling: (416) 365-1777 ext 3297 or toll-free at: (888) 365-1777ext 3297.

Installation and user guide

  1. Always hold the card by the edges. Never apply pressure to the centre of the card;
    doing so could damage the card which could result in data loss.
  2. Slide the card into the appropriate slot in your camera.
  3. If the card does not slide into the slot easily, do no try to force it — it will not fit if you
    install it backwards. Turn the card around 180 degrees and try inserting it again.

Good Advice

To enjoy the best performance and value out of their cameras, camcorders, PDAs, MP3 players, consumers should purchase only flash memory cards that support the device's highest standards for data transfer speed. For example, if a product's maximum DTS is 2 MB/sec, upgrading to a Class 4 or Class 6 SDHC card would represent a waste of money, since SDHC cards are more costly than SD cards. Digital devices that can utilize the 4MB/sec or 6MB/sec DTS will perform significantly better with Class 4 or Class 6 SDHC cards, and represent good value.

Special considerations:

• Keep the card away from direct sunlight, moisture, and magnetic fields.
• Charge or re-charge the batteries in your camera regularly. Using the card in a camera with a weak battery can lead to data corruption.


While it is not necessary usually to turn off the power before you remove the card, you should never remove the card while the camera is in the process of writing or reading data. Doing so could damage the card or corrupt the data.

Memory Cards

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