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Acumem™ SDHC VIDEO PRO Memory Card


Available Capacities: 8GB(120min.) & 16GB(240min.)

The explosion in HD camcorders has put pressure on memory cards to perform like never before. The Acumem Video HD memory card is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s hi-res camcorders, delivering blinding speed and providing more than enough space to accommodate today’s memory hungry devices.

Acumem SDHC VIDEO PRO Features

  • PRO Class 6 SDHC Card designed to meet the demanding speed and performance requirements of HD Camcorders—providing speedy capture, viewing, uploading and the transfer of large image files
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. To ensure peace of mind, Acumem memory cards are backed by a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

SDHC memory cards run on SD 2.00 file system and are FAT 32 file system compatible. Compared to SD cards (up to 2GB) that run on SD 1.0 and 1.1 formats and are FAT 16 file system compatible.

Class 2: minimum sustained DTS of 2MB/sec
Class 4: minimum sustained DTS of 4MB/sec
Class 6: minimum sustained DTS of 6MB/sec

SDHC Compatible SDHC cards are designed for devices that are compatible with the SDHC 2.00 specification and the FAT 32 file system. SDHC digital products can use both SD and SDHC memory cards. SD digital products can use only SD memory cards of 2GB or less.

Detailed Specifications

Transfer Speed Class 6

Security Protect Switch

Operating Temperture -25 Degrees C to 85 Degrees C

Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Video Quality
MPEG-4 / QVGA 15 fps
1140 min.
2280 min.
4560 min
MPEG-2 / 5Mbps
100 min.
200 min.
400 min.
60 min.
120 min.
240 min.
30 min.
60 min.
120 min.

Please note: For Flash Media Devices, 1 megabyte = 1 million bytes; 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes. Actual useable capacity may vary. Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for data storage

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